Sally Earnshaw

Accreditated Baby Massage and Yoga Instructor

As a mum of four I know how important it is to find a class that really understands and  supports the bonding between mum and baby and also provide something for mum too, so after the massage I encourage mums to stay for as long as they like, to have a drink ,eat some yummy biscuits and a chat. The hands on babies baby massage and baby yoga classes at Iveridge Hall provide the ideal opportunity to meet new friends and share your experience in a friendly and supporting environment 
Baby Massage 

baby massage is a  centuries old tradition which can help give a child the  best possible start in life -health, happiness, security and a feeling of being loved. The key benefits of baby massage are:

  • Improves relaxation, encouraging longer sleep duration for infants
  • Helps to relieve the effects of colic,teething,consipation and wind
  • Stimulates all baby's major systems: cordination,respiration,digestion,learning  ability
  • Helps to strengthen the bond between parents and child
  • Relaxes both Mum and child
It is important to know that my sessions are run on the basis that babies and their needs are always put first, whether a child needs feeding,changing or whether they are unsettled, their needs will always come first and we at hands on babies readily embrace this. We never forget that all new mums are in the same boat and that our children don't always operate to our timetables - much as we'd like them to sometimes. There is no pressure and we never judge. 
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Baby Yoga is centuries old tradition which can help give a child the best possible start in life-health,happiness, security and a feeling of being loved. The benefits of baby Yoga for both mother and baby are significant , impressive and undisputed and are widely endorsed by medical practitioners across the world. Whilst it may sound too good to be true hands on babies baby Yoga could be the key to a happy, healthy and secure baby. The Key benefits of baby Yoga are:
Baby Yoga
  • Improves relaxation, encoraging longer sleep durations for infants 
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Aids bonding, trust and social interaction 
  • Stimulates the brain 
  • Promotes confidence in handling baby 
  • Provides a great social environment for mother and baby 
  • Allows baby to move more freely 
  • Helps to relieve the effects of colic, constipation and wind
The style of yoga that I teach is based on Hatha yoga-the union of balance of body and mind-and incorporates massage,soft stretching and gentle movements to make it appropriate for babies, ensuring a fun and rewarding experience for both carer and baby.
Sally Earnshaw 
Accredited Baby Massage & Yoga Instructor
Mobile: 07872 472082
Classes Held at Iveridge Hall just off juction 30, M62
Wakefield Road, Oulton, Leeds,  LS26 8EU 
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